Song of the Day Feb 23

February 23, 2024

This month I’m focusing on Love Songs from the 70s.

Today our song is:  Torn Between Two Lovers

Wikipedia tells us this about the song:

"Torn Between Two Lovers" is a song written by Peter Yarrow (of the folk music trio Peter, Paul & Mary) and Phillip Jarrell that speaks about a love triangle, and laments that "loving both of you is breaking all the rules". Mary MacGregor recorded it at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in 1976 and it became the title track of her first album. 

In 1977, Gracie Rivera recorded "Torn Between Two Lovers" as the first track for her debut album, Gracie. The song became a hit with Hongkongers and carved her name in their music scene in the '70s.

"Torn Between Two Lovers" has also been recorded by Johnny Rodriguez for his 1977 album Practice Makes Perfect, Anna-Lena Löfgren for her 1979 album Lev Som Du Lär and Anita Meyer for her 1984 album Face to Face. Connie Francis recorded "Torn Between Two Lovers" for her 1989 album release Where the Hits Are which was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio and contained a number of songs whose original versions were Muscle Shoals recordings. Sharon Cuneta recorded her version for her album Isn't It Romantic Volume 2 in 2007. Joey Sontz recorded his version for his debut album Chasing the Dream in 2012.

"Torn Between Two Lovers" has been rendered in a number of languages, including Cantonese, "中間人" by Faye Wong from the album Shirley Wong; German, "Zwischen zwei Gefühlen" by Penny McLean; Portuguese, "Só, entre dois amores" by Celly Campello (pt); Dutch, "Hulpeloos verloren" by Conny Vandenbos; French, "Drame entre deux amours" by Claude François; Swedish, "Ge mig dina tankar" by Wizex; and Spanish, "Entre dos amores" by Christie Lee.

The song was mentioned in the lyrics of Dolly Parton's 1984 country single "God Won't Get You".

"Torn Between Two Lovers" inspired the title of a television movie aired in 1979, starring Lee Remick, George Peppard and Joseph Bologna, in which the song is played.




  1. I almost forgot about this song, and I never knew who did it. She's quit music altogether...

  2. I never heard this song before. It's ok but not something I'd want to always listen to.
    I'm glad you are done that treatment and hope you start to feel better soon

  3. Great live rendition of the song. And The Midnight Special! I remember watching that as a kid. Great show!


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