Call Me Battle

Here we go again! 


Two new contenders! 

I’ve got two songs with the same name, but different tune for this round of the battle. Both are fairly well-known, and I think the battle should be rather interesting to watch how it plays out. 

Listen to these two songs with an open mind… and cast your vote for the one that you enjoy the most. 


Lionel Richie

Who will make it to the playoffs? Cast your votes in the comments below. If you find yourself unable to leave a comment, please visit Jingle Jangle Jungle’s facebook page to leave a comment on the post that correlates with this battle. 

In the event that you are new here, or you have simply forgotten… Here’s a review of how a battle works:

  1. Listen to each of the contenders. Try not to be persuaded by the videos. I like to close my eyes and let the music transport me. Keep an open mind and don’t be persuaded by the artist name. 

  2. Pick the contender that you prefer the most

  3. Leave a comment with the name of the contender you have chosen. Feel free to expound upon your choice. 

  4. Visit the other bloggers that have battles taking place. Their battles are different from each other, so be sure to check them out.  

Are you a blogger and want to join in the fun with your own music battles on the 1st and 15th of each month (or only one battle a month) - reach out to Mr McCarthy to get yourself added to the list! 

Alright now… Cast your votes in the comments! Voting Results will be posted on the 22nd of this month.  

Don’t forget to also check out today’s Song of The Day! 


  1. This is impossible Mary! 🤯 Like apples and oranges - both are equally good. Well played! 👌 In the end, nostalgia wins out, with a vote for Lionel Ritchie.

  2. Both are great but I love Adele so she gets my vote. The videos made no difference to me as I didn't watchvthem here but, funny, now tgat time has passed, it's just not good to fall for a student nowadays

  3. MMQE ~

    This one was pert-dern "easy" for me.
    Please sign me up on Lionel Richie's team.

    I'd never really thought much about Lionel Richie and The Commodores. Then one day - to my utter amazement - I accidentally discovered that the song 'EASY' was by them! I had always loved that song but never knew who did it. When I first heard it was Lionel & The Commodores, I checked that fact. Then I double-checked and triple-checked it, because I found it so hard to believe. (*THAT* guitar was in a Commodores' song?! Unbeweevable!)

    From then on, I took Lionel and his Commodores a whole lot mo' seriously.

    Lionel's my man here.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  4. I found Adele to be a pretentious bore fest, but that's kind of who she is in my opinion. I like some of her songs, but you won't find me rushing out to buy her albums.

    On the other hand, Lionel Richie is great. Great singer and songwriter. Give his song my vote.


  5. They're both kind of morose, but Lionel's leads to a happier conclusion, so give my vote to him.

  6. From Facebook friend Tammy - a vote for Lionel


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