Battle of the Booze Results

Well Hello Again!

Time just seems to fly by these days. If we’re not careful, it will be next year before we know it. 

I hope everyone’s April is treating them well so far. I find myself taking it a bit easy these days (even though the blogging world is keeping me busy busy busy!)

A couple of weeks ago when I was waking from an afternoon nap, I was stretching in bed. As I stretched my left arm, I heard a Pop! Pop!  I didnt think much of it as joints and such seem to always make a noise when I wake up.  But I soon figured out that I lost my range of motion and experienced decrease in strength in that arm. 

I mentioned this to my Radiation Oncologist during a followup visit. Next thing I knew, I was being referred to the hospital to get an MRI of my shoulder done. I havent heard from medical staff yet, but a quick peep at my medical records indicates a small tear in my rotator cuff. The report made it seem insignificant, and I truly hope that is the case. I just need to be careful about how I use that arm now so that I don’t aggravate the tear. As it is, I can know in advance when cooler weather is approaching. 

But enough about me - let’s find out how this latest battle went!

Final results -

Atlanta Rhythm Section with 5 votes 

Cathy, Debbie D, Lee, Diedre, John

Rupert Holmes with 3 votes 

Birgit, Stephen, Judge Al

Not bad results! Thank you everyone for stopping by and casting your vote.


Singing us out is Atlanta Rhythm Section.  Be sure to come back on the 15th for the next installment in the Call Me Battles. Better yet, check out the A2Z challenge posts - My theme this year is Greatest Hits According to AI

And of course there is also Song of the Day - this month’s theme is One Hit Wonders of the 90s.




  1. MMQE ~

    Well, my March 11th prediction about this BOTB installment was pretty accurate, if I do say so muh-dang-self.

    My prediction was:

    I can give you my ironclad BOTB guarantee that this will NOT be a shutout. It may actually be a pretty tight race. ... John Holton will vote for ARS. And I think the odds are in favor of Debbie doing the same. What little I know about Ed at this point, leads me to suspect that he too may be an ARS voter. Abbalouly NO CHANCE of a shutout here!

    According to your results posted above, it looks as if Ed did not cast a vote. But indeed John and Debbie voted for ARS, and a 2-vote margin of victory is indeed a "tight race".

    I only wish I could predict lottery numbers as well as I can predict BOTB contests!

    ~ D-FensDogG

  2. Good battle, Mary! I hope your arm will heal quickly without too much pain. ♥

  3. Yikes, sorry to hear about your rotator cuff. Do you think you'll need surgery? I'll addd an extra prayer for ya regarding this concern. ;)

    Another tight battle and am on the winning side again! Take care, dear Mary! xo

  4. Good battle! Oh, dang! I hope your shoulder heals without much ado.


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