Call Me Battle Results

Another month of Call Me Battles is in the books. 

Time is definitely flying by now! Hard to imagine that we are fast approaching May.  

The weather has turned nice, and I am hoping it stays nice for quite some time. I seem to do better when it’s not too hot or cold out. This getting old really bites.  Did I tell you the latest?  This old lady managed to tear her rotator cuff simply by stretching in bed!  I was scheduled to see an ortho specialist for consultation this past week, but had to cancel when there was an unexpected death in the family. So today, I am meeting with my primary care doc to get a proper referral with the ortho guy.  Anyone have any spare bubble wrap I can just wrap myself up in?

So how did the April Call Me Battles turn out?

Let’s find out!

Final results -

Labi Siffre with 1  vote 


Nick Lowe with 5 votes 

Lee, Stephen, Birgit, Cathay, Ed


Singing us out is Nick Lowe.  Be sure to come back on the 1st for another Boozy Battle and we’ll also have another Call Me Battle on the 15th.  The battles next month will be a little more interesting and I think possibly a little more challenging in choosing a winner. 



  1. Cool song from 1979, as I recall. Nick Lowe was married to Carlene Carter, who became famous in her own right for catchy country tunes in the 90s. She is June Carter Cash's daughter, and Johnny Cash's stepdaughter.

  2. BettybDavis, " Growing old is not for sissies". That older lady probably had osteoporosis or brittle bone disease. A friend's mother once broke 3 ribs bending to cut dome roses. I always think of you when you ate seeing the Dr or it just comes into my head and I just say that I hope you ate getting better and better.

  3. MMQE ~

    Although I think I do fairly well for an old geezer, aging is still a pain in the _____ (name a muscle, *any* muscle). And what's with all this involuntary groaning?! If I lean forward while doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom sink, my lower back hurts. If I go low to dust or vacuum under furniture, my knees hurt.

    The only thing that doesn't hurt is my wrist, when I open a bottle of beer. So, as you can imagine, my house is always dirty but I'm too drunk to care.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Stephen -
      It was stated at my cousin's funeral the other day, but it applies here -
      People come to see YOU, not your house. As long as you are clean and there's a place to sit - no worries!


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