Battle of the Booze Results

Well Hello Again!

I’ve got the results for the latest battle for you!

Stephen hoped and prayed that Bruce Blackman would get another chance at the battle, and I’m fairly certain that he will be happy as a clam with this battles results. 

Final results -

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers “Mexican Moonshine” with 3 votes 

Debbie D, Birgit, Diedre

Bruce Blackman & Starbuck “Doing Nothing” with 5 votes 

Cathy, Lee, John, Stephen, Judge Al

Not bad results! Thank you everyone for stopping by and casting your vote.


Singing us out is Bruce Blackman. I also found this gem that was uploaded to YouTube a week ago. I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating. Fun Fact: Professor of Rock grew up about 10 miles from where I live now. 



Be sure to come back on the 15th for the next installment in the Call Me Battles. Don’t forget about Song of the Day - this month’s theme is One Hit Wonders of the 70s.



  1. This is a good song and he did the song justice.

  2. I'm not too surprised about this outcome. And it suits me fine!


  3. Killer lyrics for a great song!
    Good battle. Really enjoyed the story of how the song came to be ;-)

  4. MMQE ~

    There were a bunch of blowouts in this round of BOTB. So far, you're the only one I've found who actually had a tight race. Congratulations!

    And I'm glad to see that Bruce is still alive in the 'Battle Of The Booze' contest. I actually have another Bruce Blackman song to use later in my series, and although I like it (it's a good "party" song), I don't love it like I do 'Doing Nothing'.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  5. Your battle was much tighter than mine and I was on the winning side. Thanks for reporting the results, Mary. Have a bandtastic day!


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