Call Me Battle Results

Hey Mary, Where ya been?

I’m sure that crossed your mind at least once this past week.  Well… lemme tell ya.

Days leading up to the 15th, I was not well. Not to be too graphic, but I was spewing from both ends. On the 15th, was feeling better, but slept the entire day. The next day I was scheduled for my infusion, but due to the events leading up to that day, I didn’t get my treatment, but received fluids instead.  And something happened inside me, where I feel like I sort of short-circuited and blew a fuse, so to speak.  It’s taken me some time to jump start my ambition and get back on track.  I’m still lagging and dragging my feet. But I’m alive. So there’s that.

So how did the May Call Me Battles turn out?

Let’s find out!

Final results -

Steely Dan with 3 vote 

Lee, Diedre, Stephen

Sugarloaf with 3 votes 

John, Birgit, Ed

That’s right, ladies and gents. We have us a Tie Battle. That means I have to cast a vote. And Dang it - you guys are correct - this was a tough battle, even for me! 

After careful consideration, I am casting my tie-breaking vote for Sugarloaf. Overall, both are really great songs, but Sugarloaf won me over. 



Singing us out is Sugarloaf.  Be sure to come back on the 1st for another Boozy Battle and we’ll also have another Call Me Battle on the 15th.  I’m hoping I get my ambition back soon… because I miss interacting with you all!



  1. MMQE ~

    Glad to know you're kickin', even if you are "still lagging and dragging". You had another tight Battle while everyone else was experiencing blowouts! It seems your BOTB mojo's workin' well!

    ~ D-FensDogG


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