Battle of the Booze Results

Well Hello Again!

Is it me, or did this week go by way too quick?  The weather is finally decent, and that’s when time needs to slow down so that we can enjoy our summer.  (Aside from the random thunderstorm we are currently experiencing)

The battle was pretty quiet, but overall, it was a close one, so I’m going to call it successful. 

I’ve got the results for the latest battle for you!

Final results -

Lou Rawls with 4 votes 

Stephen, Diedre, Cathy, Birgit

Ray Price with 3 votes 

Debbie D, John, Judge Al

Not bad results! Thank you everyone for stopping by and casting your vote.  Did this battle surprise you? 


Singing us out is Lou Rawls. 

Be sure to come back on the 15th for the next installment in the Call Me Battles. Don’t forget about Song of the Day - this month’s theme is Rock Songs of the 60s.

Also, if you’re interested, every Sunday a new post in my cancer story goes live at MrrBrr - My Cancer Story  I’d love for you to stop by and say hello. 


  1. At least it was close! ☺ My battle also had fewer votes - summer blogging doldrums.

  2. Oh wow, this song was dedicated to me on the last day of 8th grade by a guy I didn't even know, who sat three seats behind me all year long ;-)
    Great battle! I'll be by to visit at 'Your Story'

    1. dIEDRE ~
      That is such an old school classic situation.
      Women, in general, don't realize how some guys pine for them but are too shy and/or hesitant to make it known. No one likes rejection.

      I used to be the second shyest person I've ever known. (#1 was my best friend, Eric.) I still remember the first day at my Public Speaking class in high school. I was a freshman. I walked into the class, saw this hotter-than-hell girl sitting at a desk and I made a bee-line to the desk right next to her!

      Unfortunately, I was a freshman and she was a senior, and I was the second shyest person I've ever known. So, I didn't speak a word to Jean Gonzalez for the entire semester. But I'll NEVER forget the day she danced and lip-synched the words to the Minnie Riperton song 'Lovin' You'. It was a bird-tweetingly BAD song, but somehow Jean made it OK to fall in love with it.

      {*Yeah, believe it or not, there was a time when I was the second shyest person on the entire planet. Since then, I've done a 180, and most people wish I would just shut-the-hell-up!*}

      ~ D-FensDogG

  3. Tight battle, Mary. That's cool! The best part is I'm the right side. :) Have a bandtastic week, darlin'!

  4. MMQE ~
    A one-vote margin of victory is as good as BOTB can get (regardless of the overall number of votes).

    This was a real goot juan, even if scotch & soda isn't my go-to drink. (FYI: 8 to 12 Wild Turkey 101s & 7-Ups are my go-to drink. ;^)

    ~ D'Drunken DogG


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