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Hi! It’s Me!  Just calling to let you know that it’s time for another round of the Call Me Battle of the Bands. 

Last month’s battle was a tight one, right down to a tie-breaker! I’m hoping this month will prove to be just as exciting. One never really knows until the last minute.

Today’s battle has two different contenders singing their hearts out about waiting for a phone call.  Give them both a listen and let me know which one you like the best. 

First up on the stage is….


That was a fun song, wasn’t it? Well, don’t get too comfy because another great song is taking them on and fighting for a spot in the playoffs. 

Our second contender on the stage is….

Carly Rae Jepson

Who will make it to the playoffs? Cast your votes in the comments below. If you find yourself unable to leave a comment, please visit Jingle Jangle Jungle’s facebook page to leave a comment on the post that correlates with this battle. 

In the event that you are new here, or you have simply forgotten… Here’s a review of how a battle works:

  1. Listen to each of the contenders. Try not to be persuaded by the videos. I like to close my eyes and let the music transport me. Keep an open mind and don’t be persuaded by the artist name. 

  2. Pick the contender that you prefer the most

  3. Leave a comment with the name of the contender you have chosen. Feel free to expound upon your choice. 

  4. Visit the other bloggers that have battles taking place. Their battles are different from each other, so be sure to check them out.  

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Are you a blogger and want to join in the fun with your own music battles on the 1st and 15th of each month (or only one battle a month) - reach out to Mr McCarthy to get yourself added to the list! 

Alright now… Cast your votes in the comments! Voting Results will be posted on the 22nd of this month.  

Don’t forget to also check out today’s Song of The Day


  1. Both of these have earworm potential! ☺ I've never heard the Abba song before, so I'll vote for them as a novelty. Carly Rae's song got played to death.

  2. I don't really like either of these, but the Carly Rae Jeppesen video is motre fun, so I'm voting for that.

  3. MMQE ~

    It's me, it's ME, it's Stephen T!

    Both of these were new-to-me songs (I'll bet that comes as a tremendous surprise to ya, huh?)

    So, I listened to them and watched them while the good judge was sitting next to me in his overstuffed Lazy Boy chair. Afterwards, I asked him which song he was rulin' for and he said, "Uh... I dunno... uhm... I guess Abba."

    That didn't sound like a very emphatic rulin' to me, so I strongly suspect that it could be overturned if appealed to a higher court.

    Then the Judge asked me which one I preferred and I said, "Uh... Hmmm... well... I think maybe Carly Rae Jepson. Primarily because I thought the Abba song was too repetitious, and I got tired of watching Elton John's outfits dancing around in front of me."

    So, there you has it:
    Once again, Judge Al's rulin' has canceled out my vote. THAT dang, Lazy Boy Judge!

    ~ D-FensDogG

  4. The ABBA song is new-to-me as well. I'm really torn between the two, though. "Call Me Maybe" is a real fun, catchy tune but in all honesty ABBA's vocals are better. What do I do? Think.Think. Think. Okay, I'm giving my vote to "Call Me Maybe"!

  5. There is no question...ABBA! I always likedcthat song, which, I think, is on their Waterloo album. It's more inventive and fun. The Jeoson song was played to death and not as inventive and original as the ABBA song


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