#RMF2020: Tossin' and Turnin'


 Day 5 of #RocktoberMusicFest2020

This year for RocktoberMusicFest, I thought I would take us on a journey through Rock Music. The idea was inspired by my ThrowBack Thursday theme.

Starting with the 50’s, each week will represent a decade in Rock. As there are only 7 days in a week and there are 10 years in a decade, there will be quite a few songs overlooked. Don’t fret - I’m sure I’ll get those covered at some point in a Throwback Thursday post.

The idea behind RocktoberMusicFest is to celebrate Rock and Roll. It’s my hope that between my posts and yours that we will get to enjoy many of the different subgenres of rock.

The concept of this bloghop is to have a lot of fun and enjoy a lot of music. As rock and roll is known for breaking rules, I’ve left the rules of this hop wide open and quite simply this:  Post when you can. You can post once, or join in every day. The only hard and fast rule is that your post contains rock music. Each day you will be invited to include your link in the comments of this blog. Please take a moment to visit those that have included their links in the comments. I’ll be doing my part to combat spam by removing links that are not part of the hop.

Sound fun?  Okay - let’s get this party started!

The Song choice for today: Tossin' and Turnin'
Artist: Bobby Lewis
Year Representing: 1961

Wikipedia tells us this about the song:
"Tossin' and Turnin'" is a song written by Ritchie Adams and Malou Rene, and originally recorded by Bobby Lewis in the fall of 1960. The record was released on the Beltone label in December 1960. It reached number one on both the Billboard Hot 100 on July 10, 1961 and R&B chart and has since become a standard on oldies compilations. It was named the number one single on the Billboard chart for 1961, after spending seven consecutive weeks at the top. It was also featured on the soundtrack for the 1978 film Animal House.
On the original hit single version, the track begins with Lewis singing "I couldn't sleep at all last night", and it appears this way on most oldies compilations. However, on some releases the song has a prelude, where Lewis sings "Baby...Baby...you did something to me", followed by a musical cue into the first verse. Lewis usually included this prelude when he performed the song live. According to several sources, the personnel on the original hit recording included guitarist Jimmy Spruill.
In 2008, Billboard magazine ranked the song as the 27th biggest song of all time that charted on the Billboard Hot 100, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the chart. It is one of only six songs from the 1960s to spend at least seven weeks in the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100.

I’d love for you to join me in celebrating Rock Music this month. All you need to do is drop the link to your current Rock Music post in the comments. Be sure to code with html so the link is clickable.  (See the announcement post for instructions on that) And then visit everyone that has left their links.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for more #RMF2020 fun! 

NOTE: If you are looking for the Monday's Music Moves Me Post... you can find it HERE!


  1. I certainly remember this song when it charted (showing my age!) but I had no idea it was as big as it was. I have never heard the song with the "prelude". I'm going to try to find a live version with the prelude on You Tube (if I remember!) Thanks for the memory.

  2. Mary,

    Luckily I was able to sleep last night but I did wake up 30-minutes before the alarm went off. That drives me nuts, too! Thanks for hosting the Rocktober Mewsic Fest, my dear.

    Vintages-style Covers of Rock Songs

    1. I have had the worst time with getting up early this past week. I think I just need to pick a day and sleep as long as I wish, and then I'll be good to go again. I should work that way, right? Thanks for joining in. Looks like everyone is hitting his page for #4M. I should put a link to the #4M post in next week's post so everyone can find it. (though, it is nice to have traffic on this one, too)

  3. One the classic songs of the decade. Thanks for sharing the story of it.

  4. Good pick for today. You had Bobby Lewis not being able to sleep and Bobby Darin taking a bath during a party...

    Aretha Franklin, “I Say A Little Prayer” #rmf

    1. The 50's were an interesting time (I would suspect... I didn't show up on the scene until mid 60s)

  5. You Rock, girl! 😺Pawksses for a Swinging Monday🐾😽💞

    1. Thanks! Next week, I'll remember to include a link to my #4M post so everyone can find it easier.

  6. So, I just got home because I've been out all day at my cousin's house. She's 82 yrs. old. You see her husband recently passed away... I'd say about 4 months ago and so far she has packed up the things she was getting rid of to Goodwill or whoever it was. Plus she had this tiny little dog she's had forever and he recently died like last week and she has nobody or nothing left except me.... ooops she has a son that isn't worth anything... ahhhh never mind you don't want to hear this. Anyway, love the tossin' & turning tune. I haven't heard that one in forever, but I like it. My brother and I use to jitterbug together in the basement so he can learn new moves and try them out and I was his ginnie pig... hahahaha Great tunes girlfriend. So let's go see what else you got? hahaha I found it. Gotcha! Now that's different and fun... so I'm on a roll.... or hunt.... oh hell, time to boogie outta here and go to Monday's Music etc. of yours! Oh fun..... hahahaha! Great move girlfriend I love it!!!! Something different is always cool!

    1. Thanks, Marie! I've updated all of my Monday #RMF posts to include a link to the #4M posts so no one will get lost again. I didn't even think about it until late in the day today. Either post everyone can visit... I wholeheartedly endorse them both :)

  7. This is great. Thanks for hosting Rocktober!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


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