March Battle of the Bands

I thought I would take a page out of John’s Battle of the Bands book.  Lately, his battles have been ‘Same Title, Different Song’.  

I’ve recently come across a few similar situations while preparing for other posts. So, while I typically do a  ‘Same Song, Different Artist’ type battle, I’m going to do a ‘Same Title, Different Song’ battle today. 

In 2006, Foo Fighters released a Live album titled ‘Skin and Bones’ Obviously, our song today comes from that album. 

Our first contender is: Foo Fighters

Our other contender is: Cage The Elephant

The same year that Foo Fighters released their album, Cage the Elephant was just forming as a band. In December 2020, they released an album titled ‘Social Cues’. On this album, they had a single titled ‘Skin and Bones’

In the event that you are new here, or you have simply forgotten… Here’s a review of how a battle works:

  1. Listen to each of the contenders. Try not to be persuaded by the videos.

  2. Pick the contender that you prefer the most

  3. Leave a comment with the name of the contender you have chosen. Feel free to expound upon your choice. 

  4. Visit the other bloggers that have battles taking place. Their battles are different from each other, so be sure to check them each out. 

    1. Stephen McCarthy

    2. Tossing It Out

    3. Mike’s Ramblings

    4. The Sound of One Hand Typing

    5. Curious As A Cathy

    6. Storms & Stardust

Alright now… Cast your votes in the comments!

Voting results will be posted on March 8!

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  1. Mary,

    Didn't you introduce Cage the Elephant to me in a different post recently? Perhaps I came across this song while working on last week's song challenge. Which ever it is Cage the Elephant's "Skin and Bones" sounds familiar. I definitely like their song the best between the two. Give my vote to CAGE THE ELEPHANT! :)

    When you have a moment, I hope you'll join me for my BoTB on Curious as a Cathy!

  2. Both are quite good and I do like both of them but I give the edge to Cage The Elephant because the Foo Fighters refrain of Skin & Bones, started to get to me but just slightly. So my vote goes to the latter.

  3. Cage the Elephant. Foo Fighters were just boring.

  4. Cage the Elephant gets my vote on this one

  5. How did I miss this one? Sorry about that--my negligence.

    I would have gone with Foo Fighters.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  6. What The Phuq?!

    Mary, Mary, I Am Quite Contrite-ary!

    I came here looking for your March 15th BOTB contest and discovered that I missed this one on March 1st. I'm guessing that by the time I started looking for Battles on March 1st, this one had already gotten buried by something else.

    Sorry 'bout that, my friend!
    I will vote TWICE on your next Battle! I'm a dead Democrat in Chicago, so I am allowed to do those kinds of Irish shillelaghs... er-- I meant, liberal shenanigans.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. McCarthy! I was about to send out the search and rescue dawgs. Wonderin' where you've been hiding. My next battle might not be until May 1 unless, I get a spur in my behind and come up with something for April. April is gonna be full of A to Z, so not sure yet if I will do a battle. Be sure to check back just in case - I do have a few ideas in the hopper, just very undecided.



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